Friday, July 01, 2005

July Comedy Pro Shop

Rob Paravonian sings, tells jokes, and is very cute. He also laughs heartily, sometimes to the point of falling down, at his own show, Comedy Pro Shop (at Sin Sin Lounge on the corner of 2nd Ave and 5th, right across the street from the yummy Maryann's Mexican restaurant). Here's the July lineup as posted on Rob's site:

Sun. July 3
8:30 pm
The Comedy Pro Shop
Liam McEneaney, Susan Prekel & More!

Sun. July 10
8:00 pm
The Comedy Pro Shop
Ophira Eisenberg, Karith Foster, Dan Newbower, Rachel Feinstein and more!

Sun. July 17
8:30 pm
The Comedy Pro Shop
Dan Allen, Joe Devito, Ritch Duncan, Craig Baldo and more!

Sun. July 24
10:00 pm
The Comedy Pro Shop
Jeff Mac, Josh Comers, John Mooney, Todd Levin and more!


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