Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Get Mortified in NY and LA

Just when you thought it was safe to open your Trapper Keeper...
"Mortified" returns for more tortured tales of teenage agony. Witness grown men & women reading aloud their ACTUAL teenage journal entries, poems, letters & lyrics... in front of total strangers. Relive the horror as it really happened.

~ "A comic cringe fest" (Backstage West)
~ "Never laughed so hard" (Los Angeles Confidential)
~ As heard on NPR's "This American Life"

Info on our July 2005 shows for both LA & NYC editions are below.
Separate cities. Same angst.

WHAT: Mortified LA
WHEN: Thur. July 21st @ 8pm
WHERE: The M Bar @ 1253 Vine (corner of Vine/Fountain)
COST: $5
RSVP: 323-856-0036
FEATURING PATHETIC CRAP BY: Will Seymour (soap opera diary), Lori
Gottlieb (eating disorder diary), Gabriel Lopez (lyric), Sascha Rothchild
(life lists), Jillian Griffiths (teen novel), Hilary Winston (diary),
Kyra Kowasic (letter), Deven Green (school essay) & more.

WHAT: Mortified NYC
WHEN : Sun. July 17th @ 8pm
WHERE: Magnet Theater (254 W. 29th St., 10001;
COST: $10
RSVP: 212-244-8824
FEATURING PATHETIC CRAP BY: Sara Schaefer (diary), Boni Joi (poems &
lyrics), Rachel Max (diary), Abby Sher (camp letters), Carolyn Castiglia
(diary), Anne Woodward (diary), Giulia Rozzi (school essay) & more.

Please note, Mortified always sells out wherever it plays so show the
love and rsvp soon. See you there!

Share the shame,

Dave Nadelberg
Creator-Producer-Angstologist, MORTIFIED

PS: Stay tuned, "Mortified San Fran" is coming. Details soon.


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