Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sweet on Thursday

from Seth Herzog:

This Sunday is Mother's Day (in case you forgot), a day when thousands of flowers are flout, cards are tout, and sons and daughters everywhere 'come out'. When you try make a mimosa and some cantaloupe make up for a whole year of neglect, and desperately try to steer the conversation away from the different ways you are 'ruining  your life'. But why wait til Sunday, you can experience all of this vicariously, when I host the weekly comedy crusade SWEET with MY MOTHER, this THURSDAY (5/5) down at the SLIPPER ROOM at 167 Orchard St. (SW corner of Orchard and Stanton) on the Lower East Side, where our ancestors spent many Mother's Day tried to keep their mothers happy with day old kreplach and an egg cream. The guilt begins at 8:30, and will only cost $5 and your soul.

Supplying a buffer this week for me and the things I refuse to face:
NY's finest concept comedian, host of "Giant Tuesdays....", featured last year on ABC's NY Comedy Fest wrap up, and my mom's favorite, ANDRE DU BOUCHET.
Perennial NY Irish comic (via Boston), (read: drunk and irascible) and now writer and co-creator of MTV's new game show, "Parentally Approved", (but you probably remember him as a the over the top, "Starburst Guy"), SEAN LYNCH.
Character chameleon, who's has shined in a string of hit shows at the UCB Theater, including "Fancy", "Killgore: The Musical", and "Cat News", you can hear her on Ch., and see her punditing often on the VH-1, JULIE KLAUSNER.
And to my right, (of the stage, that is), he brought down the house last week with his unbelievable and envelope pushing telemarketer prank calls, playing people on and off live is traveling troubadour, singer song writer, and former musical theater queen, TEDDY GOLDSTEIN.


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