Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I voted, did you?

Well, I can scratch ECNY voting off my to do list! What a relief, seriously, I know too many freaking comedians to not have that be a tough call. Also tough: ECNY vs. Sleater-Kinney (which I still have to get tickets to).

I am not gonna do my entire rundown of votes, because I tried to share the wealth amongst my favorite funny peeps but I can tell you I voted for Aziz Ansari as my favorite male standup and Chelsea Peretti as my favorite female standup (also my answers the other night when someone asked who my favorite comedians are). All the people I've interviewed are favorites too and really all the people I link to are my "favorites" to some extent, so that will have to suffice. I'll save the personal ruminations for another time cause I want to keep this blog pretty much PG.


Blogger Lianne Stokes said...

I voted for Lianne Stokes, Best male new singer/songwriter.

10:31 PM  

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