Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Comedy karma

I have zero aspirations to work in the comedy field, but am always happy when I can get people who make me laugh press or get them booked on shows. I caught Lee Camp one night at Comedy Pro Shop and when I found out he was about to be on Law & Order told him to contact Sara Schaefer and now he's doing her show on Friday (and Comedy Pro Shop on Sunday). Very cool. It's all about the karma, people. But I have to do that thing I'm supposed to do every day/night - write - a little more often so I'm trying to chill on the show-going. We'll see how it works out.

P.S. Check out all these adorable photos from Sara's show - I loved the "Rock Bottom" show and I so want one of those shirts. Soon she is gonna sell these cool shirts that say "Sara Schaefer Is Obsessed With Me" and I'm gonna get one. Anyway, yeah, "Rock Bottom" so describes many (but not all certainly) of my days that I need that shirt badly. This summer, I am all about the t-shirt.


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