Thursday, May 05, 2005

no me pegas

I have to love any comedy show that sends out their update in spanish. Plus I think I forgot to say, or at least, emphasize, just how freaking hilarious Becky Donohue was on Monday - I almost fell out of my chair, something only the rare comedian can get me to do.


WARNING: Becky's taking Spanish...

Esta semana para celebrar el cinco de mayo en el ano cinco estamos participando en un cambio con nuestra show de hermanos en mexico. (This week to celebrate cinco de mayo, we are participating in a foreign exchange with our sister show in mexico.) No quieres faltar este show. (You don't want to miss this show.) Vamos a rumbiar y disfrutar sobre todas las cosas bellas de la cultura mexicano, menos la droga, porque no queremos irnos a la carcel. (We will be enjoying many different things from the mexican culture, minus the drugs, we don't want to live our lives in prison.)

Esta semana tenemos mas estrellas que hay en Hollywood...Presentamos Patricia Candaras, Susita Felber, Jack Kukoda, Nick-O Stevens, y Roberto Tisdale. (Pat Candaras, Susie Felber, Nick Stevens, Jack Kukoda, and Bobby Tisdale.) Como siempre con sus hosts, Becky Donohue y Jeff Mac.

Y para llevar un pocito de allegria a su trabajo tan aburiddo, aqui son algunas cosas mexicanos que mejorar nuestra vida cada dia. (And to bring a bit of happiness to your boring job, here are some mexican things that improve our lives each day.):


In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here are five things that we wouldn't have if not for Mexico:

1. The Mexican Hat Dance - perhaps the most highly ranked of all the hat dances.
2. Mariachi Bands - equally for their music and their no-nonsense fashion style.
3. Selena! - not only the singer, but the Edward James Olmos made-for-TV movie. Mucho bueno!!
4. Stucco - it makes us feel as if we could make a house just by throwing mud around. Feels good, powerful.
5. Texas - Seriously, thanks, you guys. We've really enjoyed it since we got it from you. Anytime you need it back, though, you let us know. And please feel free to take the rest of the fucking South along with it. No charge.

Mickey's Blue Room - 171 Ave. C (bet. 10th & 11th)
Subways: L to 1st Ave, F to 2nd Ave
Only $3 Cover
Happy Hour until 9pm ($3 drafts and well drinks!!!)


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