Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Michael Ian Black interview at Mediabistro

Mediabistro interviews Michael Ian Black about Cracked and Stella

mediabistro:What does an "editor-at-large" do?

Black: I'm a lot like the Queen of England. It's basically a figurehead position. I get to go to all the
Cracked polo matches and balls, but I have no actual power. I'm also like the Queen of England insofar as I wear a tiara and carry a scepter.

mediabistro: What happened with
Stella? Did Comedy Central give it enough time?

Black: I think Comedy Central gave it a fair shot. The fact is we were just too weird for a mainstream audience to embrace. I'm incredibly proud of the work we did on
Stella. I think the show is terrific. Unfortunately, America did not agree with me. Yet another reason why I hate America.


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