Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New show! OBSESSED with Julie & Jackie

OBSESSED with Julie & Jackie
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OBSESSED with Julie and Jackie
Hosted by Julie Klausner & Jackie Clarke

"Life is nothing if you're not obsessed." --John Waters

What eats you?
Join comic geniuses Jackie Clarke (Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made, Ever!, FREE-FM) and Julie Klausner (Free To Be Friends, VH1, TV Funhouse) as they host an evening of collectors, super-fans, aficionados and devotees of television actresses, novelty food, fan fiction, pop-topping, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and more.

@ Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction
34 Avenue A @ 3rd Street
$6 bucks

Julie & Jackie welcome

MICHAEL MUSTO (Addressing his fixation with Suzanne Somers)
JESSE FALCON (Showing clips from his video collection, including Mentally Challenged Star Wars fans)
JOHN FLYNN (Showing clips from his video collection, including Nell Carter's historic, blooper-ridden performance of "Walkin' on Sunshine")
IRIS ROSE (Sharing pages from her collection of 70s home-making and craft books)
NICK KROLL (Confronting his unhealthy obsession with Raven Simone, star of "That's so Raven," finally!)

Julie will be reading some fan fiction from online fans of CATS the Musical, and Jackie will be showing off some doozies from her graffiti blog.

Plus, Surprises! Dance! And Learning! And Laughter!



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