Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lenny Bruce is Dead reading Monday at Mo Pitkin's

I haven't read it yet but this is from a friend:

Next Monday, April 3, Jonathan Goldstein will be reading from his book
LENNY BRUCE IS DEAD (published by Counterpoint)
at Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction
34 Avenue A between 2nd and 3rd streets
at 7 o’clock

What the opinion-makers, thought-leaders, and trend-setters are saying about Lenny Bruce is Dead and its Author:

“Something close to breathtaking.” —LA Times Book Review

“Poetic, poignant and very funny.”
—San Diego Union Tribune

“An incredibly strange but redeemingly funny new novel.”

“Jonathan Goldstein is one of the funniest and most original writers I can think of. Anything by him is better than anything by just about anyone else.”

“A funny, sad, lyrical, and totally perverted examination of what happens to people when the culture cares too much about sex. If Philip Roth had written a Denis Johnson novel, it would be Lenny Bruce Is Dead.”

“Simply stated, Jonathan Goldstein’s voice is like no one else’s. He is constantly surprising, simultaneously poetic and hilarious; an honest-to-goodness artist.”

“The embarrassing, penetrating and I’ve-never-seen-this-before-on-paper secrets that Jonathan Goldstein carefully accumulates eventually all add up to something much more painful and probing than one would expect from such a readable, hilarious book.”

“The cleanest dirty book I have ever read. Goldstein is a goddamn poet.”


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Maybe, just maybe, you're wondering how come you're so privileged as to receive this communiqué. Well, answer is simple, thanks to http://search.blogger.com/?ui=blg&q=Lenny+Bruce, I found the u.r.l to your website.

After perusing your website, I conjectured you'd be interested in my post titled, "sweetest nookie". In this post, you'll find some notions about how Lenny, were he around today, might comment about the recent kerfuffle in the Middle East.

Anyway, you'll find the hyperlink to the post just below



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