Saturday, March 18, 2006

Funniest Reporter on the Planet contest this Tuesday

From Sean McCarthy of Popular Thinking, who's also competing.

Witty Writers Take the Stage
at The Laugh Factory Comedy Club

WHAT: Reporters from The Funniest Reporter on the Planet Contest at The Laugh Factory last January are returning to the comedy club stage.

WHO: Comedian, writer and actress Jenn Palumbo is hosting the event with the following reporters performing:

Catie Lazarus – The Forward – winner of Funniest Reporter on the Planet Contest

Jamie McIntyre – CNN – 3rd place of Funniest Reporter on the Planet Contest

Brian Balthazar – MSNBC

Mike Maiello – Forbes Magazine

Sean McCarthy – Boston Herald

WHEN: Tuesday, March 21st at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: The Laugh Factory
8th Avenue – between 42nd and 43rd Streets
New York, NY

WHY: According to Jamie Masada, owner of The Laugh Factory, “I often think, here are professionals in front of the public everyday, on TV, radio, even with a by-line, they see the craziest things, have the best stories. I said to myself, gee I bet these people can make us laugh, if they only had the chance. I know they can’t tell jokes when they are doing the 6 o’clock news, but I bet they want to.”
Tickets to the event are $15.


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