Friday, January 20, 2006

Comedians on MySpace

Some of you, despite my earlier warning, have asked if I can interview you. Since I actually need to try to earn money, I'm trying to focus on my book proposal and paid writing and such. That's also why I'm not going to many shows for a couple months but I'm happy to list things here. This newfound work ethic and hermitude has not, however, stopped me from haunting MySpace and trying to add every NYC comedian around. So if I haven't added you, especially if you're on my little blogroll/site list here, please add me so I can find out about your shows and post them here. Or add me to your mailing list with rachelkb at

I also found this Comedians on MySpace group where you can learn all about Last Comic Standing, the Hawaiian Comedy Festival, and other random postings. I found out about NY Comedy Radio which has comedy podcasts. I think podcasting is the new blog interviewing.


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