Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Page Six on the "Funniest Reporter on the Planet" contest

Thanks to Nichelle of Chicks and Giggles for alerting me to this item in Page Six today (New York Post):


WATCH your back, Stephen Colbert. The "Funniest Reporter on the Planet" is apparently a woman named Catie Lazarus, a freelancer for the Jewish Forward. Lazarus and a gaggle of wise-cracking wags faced off at the Laugh Factory the other night in a contest judged by comics Pat Cooper, Dom Irrera and club owner Jamie Masada. Michael Maiello of Forbes and ex-Postie Gersh Kuntzman were among the giggle gladiators, most of whom, according to one attendee, should stick to print. Of course, a gathering of scribes would be incomplete without an ethics scandal: "Lazarus is also a professional comedian," griped our spy. "Is it fair that she won what was an amateur contest?"


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