Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Speaking of Welcome to Our Week

Tomorrow's lineup, straight from Mr. Nicholas Kroll:

Hey, how's it going? Really? Awesome! Come see our show this week.

bobby tisdale - he's the co-host of the indomitable "invite them up"
and is a regular tv writer/performer/southerner

becky yamamoto - she's the host of the super show 'brutal honesty' and
is also host to a number of great characters

wilmer abrieu - a wtow first timer! he's a rapper, filmmaker and a
real young go-getter

dan allen - he's appeared on comedy central's premium blend, he's very
funny and even taller than before


Welcome to Our Week
Thursday, October 20th 8PM SHARP
Rififi (cinema classics)
332 E11th st (btwn 1st and 2nds aves)
1 drink minimum

check out the newly redesigned website -! (Haven't seen this yet in full but it looks hilarious - bar and bat mitzvah photos!)


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