Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sweet Paprika, Friday October 7th

From the ladies of Sweet Paprika

We were just in rehab.  But lucky for us, and for you, we
fell of the wagon and we are back!  For just one night!

That's right fans, friends, and others who were drunk and put their
name on our mailing list,
Although we are currently on hiatus as we search for a new home for
our weekly show, this Friday we will be making a splashy and special
Sweet Paprika appearance at the Laugh Factory as part of the NY
Underground Comedy Festival!

It's a venue that used to be a porn theater!  Hurrah!

The ingredients of this Friday's dizzyingly delicious Sweet Paprika
cocktail include:

Rena Zager: packs a punch in just a few ounces!

Bryan Olsen: he's our Boston shaker!

Erin Foley: mixes well with everything!

Amanda Melson: much like vermouth, things are so much better when you
have her around!

Susan Prekel: talk about distilled hilarity!

Ron Poole: the comedic version of methyl alcohol!

And of course, your enablers, Allison and Ophira!  They don't fall,
they stumble.

Friday October 7th

as part of the:

NY Underground Comedy Festival

8:30pm  $7

@ The Laugh Factory - Theatre on the 3rd Floor

303 West 42nd Street @ 8th Ave.

Subways: A,C,E,N,R,W,Q,1,2,3,S,7 To Times Square

Okay - that's a lot of subways - so now you have no excuse.


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