Wednesday, October 19, 2005

November 1st Variety Shac will have giftbags!

Okay, November 1st is fast approaching, and you know what that means (or if you don't, I'll tell you) - VARIETY SHAC! And...word has it, there will be giftbags. After feeling like a total fool for missing the cupcakes on sale at the last one, I'm not missing this one, especially since Andrea Rosen very sweetly told me last night that the girls were thinking of my cupcake obsession when they made them. And, I must say, lots of stellar talent onstage last night at The Rejection Show (including Adam Wade's repeat showing of his Blind Date audition tape, which apparently Mr. Friedman smuggled out of the studios just for him), but Ms. Rosen really stole the show with her awesome rendition of this racist, giggly, clueless girl who auditioned for Chelsea Peretti's TV-show-that-never-was, Minority Rules. Also, Nick Kroll gave us the rundown on being Andy Roddick's mojo, and even wore the t-shirt. I realized that I have not been to Welcome to Our Week in ages, since Jessi left. Must go back, if only for Kroll's giggles. Those were the highlights for me. Next month also has a great lineup, including Morgan and Michael of Overheard in New York.


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