Monday, October 24, 2005

See Rachel Sklar tonight!

From Fishbowl-er Rachel Sklar:

WHAT: "Weekly Review" -- New York's ONLY Musical Comedy News Show!*

WHEN: Tonight!! 7 pm. Oy, I'm plotzing. No, make that kvelling.

WHERE: Caroline's Comedy Club, Broadway btwn 49th & 50th

WHO: A bunch of very talented performers, all of whom are professionals except for your truly, so please clap a little louder for me out of pity.

WHY: Because the Bush Administration exists to be mocked in song. Duh. 

HOW:  Through sheer dint of hard work, plus our musical director writing about a gazillion original songs, plus fun parodies of all your favorites, or at least some of them. Three, to be exact.  

HOW MUCH: Equally germane. Call the Caroline's box office at 212-757-4100 and reserve tickets at $5 apiece (a bargain for all the singing and dancing you're about to enjoy!). Seriously, call first because they might be sticky and charge you more at the door. But if they do kick up a fuss and loudly proclaim "I'm a LAWYER, you know" because that usually works, and also makes people like you.


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