Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jess Wood's show is back, now at Cakeshop!

From Jess Wood:

Last night the ''Gettin' Wood" show was killer!
The space is so fun. On the street level of
CAKE SHOP 152 Ludlow
Monday night-FREE 8pm
yummy yum yum...Outside the squatters picked a banjo
and their noses and the hipsters sauntered by, but
you can have your cake, coffee or teas of any variety.
Behind the sweets is a record shop and Downstairs is
the bar and Stage where we make audiences cheer
" My cheeks are sore from laughing last night !"
-Juliet K.
That is a real live quote, my friends, so c'mon down
and enjoy the free candy and hot host.
Oh, dear xoxox Jess


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