Monday, April 25, 2005

Sunday night Invite Them Up taping

Shamlessly grabbed from Time Out New York's picks - I'd go to this but am gonna be sitting in with the Saturday Night Rewritten crowd pretending to be a comedy writer, I mean, "covering" them for...a yet-to-be-determined publication. Also, if anyone is a blogger whiz and can help me get these posts up to the top as opposed to way below the links, that'd be awesome.

Sun 1 Invite Them Up Recording Pianos 8pm, $10.

For the three-year anniversary of their Nightlife Award–winning, weekly show, Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale convert Invite Them Up to a two-CD and one-DVD set for Comedy Central Records. Their guests for the three-night affair run like a who's who of New York's alternative comedy scene, including Slovin and Allen, A.D. Miles, David Cross, Benjamin and Glaser, Heather Lawless, Jessi Klein, Patrick Borelli, Todd Barry, Craig Baldo, Andy Blitz, Andrea Rosen and many more.


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