Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"see you on the penny"

I keep getting behind around here, cause I'm so busy running around. Last night I was a total comedy nerd (well, in a new way), because not only did B-Muse and I go to Bob Powers' and Todd Levin's Pen Pals event at PSNBC, which was awesome - we got pen pals (well, we got names of pen pals, it's to be seen if our pen pals will actually pan out), traveled back in time with David Rees, laughed at the Blues Clues' guy's hilarious fan mail (someone wants to spank him!) and were also totally dorky and silly with our private jokes, then I went over to Rififi, because I've noticed that after Giant Tuesday, it's quite the hangout. Plus, I had candy to unload - that is clearly my role within the comedy world - bring people candy. So of course, I see people like Allison Castillo and Liam McEneaney, who I'd just seen at the Marquee. But most excitingly, I saw Ken, aka half of Pink Steel, who I hadn't seen in forever and ever since I was a dedicated member of the Pink Steel army. We sat and talked with Rob about sports and vacations and comedy and stuff.

The best was finding out about this little exchange. Pink Steel had written: "There is nothing like a comedy awards show for scoping ugly men." about last year's ECNY Awards, and Rob took issue with that so they posted his photo. Hee...not that I, you know, have anything to say about the attractiveness of comedians. Maybe you had to be there. Also at the Marquee I had this awesome 30th birthday party brainstorm idea; it's gonna rock. Now to just through the next 7 months, somehow, and have enough money left over to throw a party.

Okay, I'm realizing that blogging about going to comedy shows, well, it's cool and I want to share the funniness but...the jokes don't really translate. Most of them anyway. Maybe you just had to be there for Todd Levin (who also super kindly corrected me about this) talking about "cancer of the jealous" and the whole time travel warpedness - Rees had us change Abe Lincoln from a beret-wearer to a stovepipe-hat wearer, via his awesome comics, and there was a line in there that went "see you on the penny." See, I knew it, you had to be there. My little blogging experiment may not work out here, but I do have a bunch of show listings to post. Maybe I'm just too tired and blahed out to get into it all, but I will definitely be back to PSNBC, and I like that they have themed shows cause it makes it worth paying the $5 (or having your very generous friend pay for you - thanks A!).


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