Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spoiler Film Festival, April 18th

Three times a year, comedians and comedy writers gather before a live
audience to showcase film shorts that is yet to be on Comedy Central. The Lower
East Side's hottest ticket is at *SPOILER,* a film comedy festival run by a
creative bunch of rowdy, young Williamsburg filmmakers, a refuge for New
York's best emerging comics, professional writers, and artists who display
their creative films before a live, drunk audience. Launched in 2003 by Drew
Prochaska, Jonpaul Riggle (Animator, MTV, Nickelodeon) and Aaron Wilson, *
SPOILER* was created to harness New York's abundant local comic talent, and
to provide local audiences with access to the finest comedy that they're
unaware of.

Striving to be more of a social event than a traditional film festival, *
SPOILER* takes place three times a year, presenting a diverse program of
stand up comedy, comedy shorts, and live acts in a downtown bar. In order to
challenge all of the filmmakers to be as creative as they can, those
participating in *SPOILER* have two months to produce a 5-minute comedy
short using a topic that is voted on by all involved. It's a collective
project, so all of the films must stay on topic and be made specifically to
be screened at the event.

At the end of those two months, there's a night of screenings and drunken
shenanigans, with stand-up routines and Comedy Central's *Shorties Watching
Shorties'* Jared Deal contributing original animation. This month's show,
"Action," is held on Monday, April 18 and features standup by *Slovin &
Allen* (SNL writers) and *Andrea Rosen*, *Mr. Move* as a musical guest and
films by *Aziz Ansari* (Comedian, Filmmaker), *The Wicked Wicked Hammerkatz
*(UCB Theatre), *Late Night Ritalin* (Comedy Troupe), *Anney Fresh* (Puppeteer) and comic routines from surprise NYC comics and writers. Hosted, by various Brooklyn artists, the event promises one giant, hideous Best Picture trophy for best short.

Over 300 people have attended each *SPOILER* for the past three years, with
record numbers achieved at the 2004 autumn festival. From Billy Merrit
(*Straight Plan for the Gay Man*, The Swarm) to Rachael Biello (UCB's Neutrino), many of New York's up and coming have contributed. Building on this popularity,
the following year's show has more films and a more assorted lineup. And so
it goes -- each year the festival gets bigger crowds, more coverage, and
most important -- more deserved attention is showered on the New York comedy
and filmmaking talents whose work hasn't been seen.

*The next installment of **SPOILER**, featuring the topic** "Action"* will
have the following filmmakers participating:

Aaron Wilson & Brian Hersey
Anney Fresh
Aziz Ansari
Daniel Fine
Drew Prochaska
James Monohan & TJ Lawson
Jared Deal
Jonpaul Riggle
Late Night Ritalin
Luke Ward
Olde English
Rachael Mason & Crystal River-Williams
Three Good Excuses
Tony Carnevale
The Wicked Wicked Hammerkatz

Advance tickets are $5 and $7 at the door. For more information or to order
a DVD from past *SPOILERs,* please contact Rina Raphael at
info @ and visit Spoiler at:


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