Friday, April 08, 2005

welcome to my comedy world

I tried to post on here yesterday but it didn't go through. Welcome to my new comedy blog! I tried to get, but it was already taken. This is yet another blog I'm starting, because the comedy-going has gotten totally out of control, as evidenced by last night's hilarity with GirlyNYC, which I'll dish about later - there was jello and lots of laughter involved.

This will be where I post about all my awesome friends' upcoming shows, and report on funny stuff I've seen, read and heard and link to cool, funny people. I also have lots of comedian interviews lined up in the coming weeks at Gothamist, so keep your eyes open for that. And I know it's a little crazy to start yet another blog, but I think it will enhance both blogs to dedicate this one to a single, but vast, topic.

That being said - here's a show going on Saturday night, The Shark Show, which is one that I've yet to attend. I think I may lay low Saturday night, after a crazy week, but I do want to check it out soon (and by reading this, I just learned that the fabulous Christina McGrath hosts a Tuesday night show - who knew? But can we please add another day in the week, because I already have stuff like Giant Tuesday Night that I like to go to on Tuesdays?):

This Saturday Night, The Shark Show’s got”

**MAX LANCE: He has no credits. Honest just go to this website and
see! Max's site
**CHRISTINA MCGRATH: Who co-hosts the funny show, “Joystick” on
Tuesday nights right here at The Parkside Lounge.
**SETH HERZOG: He’s funny, he’s the name of a Saul Bellow book and
he’s the Zionist Occupational Government! Now, that’s one-stop-shopping!
(Host, "Sweet", VH1's "Best Week Ever)

**All this and more, brought to you by your hosts and houseband; NICK
lights, sound and the iTunes of Doom.

**Celebrate the fabulousness of your week by coming early and enjoying
the Parkside's 6-hour Happy Hour, with $3 well drinks and domestic beers.
Or stay late and feel frisky with the cast and crowd at our classic

All-New Comedy That Bites
Saturdays at 8pm
The Parkside Lounge
317 E Houston Street (@ Attorney St. {near Avenue B})
Door - Just $5
The Shark Show
"Comedy That Bites"


Blogger claudia said...

Oh snap! I'm the first commentor. Worship me...

Yay for new blog, RKB. I'll read it early and often.

And one more little note: sadly, Joystick is gone. Finito. Though I wish it was still around.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


(Claudia is too.)

8:57 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Claudia - I already worship you! :) And thanks for the headsup on Joystick, that sucks, but is actually okay cause I am too busy as it is, but the more comedy going on, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

You are both hot too! :)

2:46 PM  

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