Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Saturday Night Rewritten this Sunday!

This Sunday, yet another reason to attend Saturday Night Rewritten is that I'll be sitting in with all the fabulous writers. I have no idea really what I'm doing in the comedy-writing realm, but will be glued to my TV Saturday night (I know it's a repeat, but I haven't seen it) and hoping funny inspiration strikes. Come on out to the show! Here's some info from their site, they also have a blog:

Saturday Night Rewritten is a collective of comedy writers/ performers founded in New York City in the Fall of 2003. SNR has the expressed goal of countering “certain tendencies” and laziness in sketch comedy today.

Every week the best sketch comedy writer/performers of Juvie Hall watch the previous night’s broadcasted Saturday Night Live and meet the next day at 1pm. Over the next seven hours they brainstorm, write, rehearse, and perform a 90 minute original sketch comedy show that spawned from the seed of that episode of SNL. Even if the episode was a repeat that night, it gets the Rewritten touch blended with current events and humor. 

Saturday Night Rewritten has written and performed over 40 different shows in the past year. Its open-ended run hints that there is no stopping this collection of comedic talents. SNR follows the format of SNL, but by no means is it limited to its content. There is no FCC or corporations to kowtow to. Aside from sketches, there is a celebrity guest monologue, a weekend update-type news segment, and a live musical act. Past musical acts have ranged from Heavy Metal to Folk.


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Awesome. Just fucking awesome.

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