Friday, September 15, 2006

I Love Jack, Sunday, September 17

I Love Jack-- comedy variety show
Sunday September 17th and every subsquent Sunday
M. Shanghai's Den (129 Havermeyer Street Brooklyn)

This week's guests: Adira, Amram, Carla Rhodes, Dan Allen, Will McKinley, PJ Zeller, Regie Cabico

With your host Rachael Parenta and DJ Your Friend Jesse Spinning tunes

Rachael Parenta (the woman who loves Jack)

"I Love Jack" is a live variety show performed in the style of a 1940s
radio program, but with a distinctly modern comedic sensibility.

New York City Comedian Rachael Parenta serves as the affable host of the
program, and Jack – Rachael's handsome, intelligent and absent boyfriend
functions as a centerpiece for her comedy.

As with "The Jack Benny Program," "The Burns and Allen Show" or other
classic radio shows of a bygone era, "I Love Jack" will feature regular
supporting characters, such as special guest announcer Will McKinley. Like
Jack Benny's beloved announcer Don Wilson, Will references imaginary
sponsors such as the "We Hate the Periphery Foundation"- an organization
committed to ridding the world of the awful people found in your extended
social circle.

In addition there will be recurring comedic segments, such as some "Shiv of
Shovel" wherein the live audience gets to vote on whether an evil person
described to them by Rachael should be:

a) shivved in the belly or
b) have a shovel taken to their head.

In addition to this wackiness, "I Love Jack" will also feature some of the
finest established and up-and-coming alternative comedians and variety
artists that New York City has to offer.

Highlights of the show will be podcast, thus insuring that love for "Jack"
is a truly international phenomenon.


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