Thursday, June 15, 2006

the now-infamous photo of the two Jon Friedmans

the two Jon Friedmans
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I put this photo up this morning. My fellow cupcake blogger and friend Allison Bojarski took it at The Rejection Show last week and I finally found the cord to my laptop (no, it was not "behind the couch.")

I also sent it to Rejection Show Jon F (gotta come up with a better/faster way to distinguish the two Jon Fs) and it has since been seen on The Apiary, then Gawker.

The Mr. Friedman on the right claims he was not wearing pants. Secret: he was. Not so secret: The Mr. Friedman on the left talked much more about his blind dates and being confused with the other Jon F than I had expected. It was a bit bizarre in my opinion but good-natured and entertaining.

Then again, I was just holding my breath trying not to be a nervous wreck. I think we can all agree that Odd Todd's opening credits were a lot of fun. At least, Allison and I can. Major thanks, again, to Jon for having me on the show, and Heidi and Allison for being there.

In case you don't know, The Rejection Show is weekly throughout the summer. Catch it on Tuesday with outtakes from Variety Shac, The Post Show, I Love The 30's and more.


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