Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Comedy about comedy

I heart The Apiary, who wrote this about the big New York Post alt comedy article on Sunday:

Crash Test
Feels like: A world where Matt Lauer would make an iTunes celebrity playlist called "Matt Lauer's Fingerbang Mix."

Do the editors of The New York Post know that "fingerbang" is a synonym for "fingerfucking" which is a synonym for "sticking ones fingers repeatedly in another's vagina and/or butthole?" Good one, Post!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get photos up from last weekend's comedian soirees before this weekend's start. So let me wish an early (I think) happy birthday to Lang and Gilad. Also, on Saturday night Pink Steel are playing a bit show. I'm super tired and hence too lazy right this second to look up the details, but it'll be good, and they have something coming up called The Super Bowl of Heavy Metal. Or I could just be making that up. Seriously, sleep deprivation is not funny, nor does it make you funny. I missed a freaking awesome lineup at Chicks and Giggles tonight - hope it was a blast. Was thinking of Sara Schaefer cause I've been listening repeatedly to Lisa Loeb's catchy new single.

To somehow try to steer this post back to comedy-land, some recent funny blog posts by comedians:

Rob Paravonian hates your bare white feet

Jeff Mac now has a window in his "permanent workspace"

Dan Allen on what not to put in your MySpace profile if you want to be his friend (this time the link is right - sorry Dan!)

Lang wants to know what to wear to her party - I say...birthday suit! Or, like, trench coat. Something sexy. Speaking of sexy, check out my friend's blog Knit Porn - you might think it's funny, you might think it's sexy, you might think it's both. Same goes for AssCo.


Blogger dan said...

Jeff Mac is a marketing and computer genius.

Somehow he was able to manipulate the HTML coding inside your blog and redirected the link to my site to his blog.


I pray for the day when I can take revenge against this foul act of digital wizardry.

For those who were disappointed, here is the correct link to my post

2:11 PM  

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