Wednesday, January 11, 2006


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I think The Apiary really said it all when it comes to last night's Ritalin Reading. Everyone was fast and funny and I laughed a lot. Todd Levin opened by giving a stranger a cheese board and cutter that he'd gotten from his mom for Hannukah, then proceeded to read hilarious letters to other family members "thanking" them for their holiday gifts.

Jon Friedman harkened back to the very first Rejection Show I ever saw at The Pit, when him and Adam Cole-Kelly were riffing on Weekend at Bernies, which I think I remember him saying is his favorite movie. So he read us notes from the studio to the writer of Weekend at Bernies.

Mike Albo revealed that he has a real-life underminer, who continues to undermine him, prompting Martha and I to muse about how our families are our biggest underminers.

Lindsay and Alex did great jobs as hosts, and as JT LeRoy and James Frey. Everyone who performed totally made me laugh, and I even got to see a few people at Chicks and Giggles, including Poppi Kramer who I haven't seen perform in like 2 years. She was awesome, as always, riffing on the holidays and whether she should audition for The Biggest Loser. I got to hear Rachael Parenta sing a song about how Japan is "me-sized" and the only other lyric I remember is "frozen labia" - but the whole thing was hilarious and I hope I get to see her again.

Afterward, I was looking around and kindof realized that almost all of my favorite people were in the room. It was great after being locked away and skipping the socializing to just have fun and be around my favorite funny folks and, of course, half the blogger s in New York. Congrats to Ritalin and Chicks for jobs well done and packed rooms.


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