Monday, January 30, 2006

If I got to kiss a cute comedian, my life would be complete

Dear Singles, Breeders, Cohabitators and Loners...

You are all cordially invited to a brand new show produced by the fine folks at Mintyfresh.

Please join me as I humiliate myself in my usual manner at "The Singles Show" on Monday February 6th at 7pm. McGee's Pub 240 West 55th St. 3rd floor. $7.

Come on out, you may meet someone or get rid of someone or get sloppy and kiss the comics :) Either way, it will be a lot of fun listening to the different ways people define what it means to be single.

I hope to see you there...

AB Carney

(also known to some as Amybeth Whissel)

sin·gle (sng gl)


Not accompanied by another or others; solitary.
Consisting of one part, aspect, or section: a single thickness; a single serving.
Having the same application for all; uniform: a single moral code for all.
Consisting of one in number: She had but a single thought, which was to escape.
Not divided; unbroken: a single slab of ice.
Separate from others; individual and distinct: Every single child will receive a gift.
Having individual opponents; involving two individuals only: single combat.
Honest; undisguised: a single adoration.
Wholly attentive: You must judge the contest with a single eye.
Designed to accommodate one person: a single bed.
Lacking a partner: a single parent.
Relating to the unmarried state: enjoys the single life.
Of or relating to celibacy.
Botany Having only one rank or row of petals: a single flower.
One that is separate and individual.
An accommodation for one person, as in a hotel.
An unmarried person.
singles Unmarried persons considered as a group: a bar for singles.
A one-dollar bill.
Baseball A hit by which a batter reaches first base safely; a one-base hit.
A hit for one run in cricket.
A golf match between two players.
A tennis or badminton match between two players. Often used in the plural.
singles A competition in which individuals compete against each other, as in rowing or figure skating.
sin·gled , sin·gling , sin·gles
To choose or distinguish from others. Often used with out: We singled her out from the list of applicants.
To cause (a base runner) to score or advance by making a one-base hit: singled him to second.
To cause the scoring of (a run) by a one-base hit.


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